Sewer Camera Inspection in
Cape Coral, FL

Sewer Camera Inspection in Cape Coral FL, Fort Myers FL and all Surrounding Areas of Lee County

Discover what is really going on in your sewer lines by turning to the expert technicians at Southwest Florida Drain Doctors. We provide in-depth, accurate video camera inspection in Cape Coral, FL and surrounding areas. Call us today at (239) 645-0857 to schedule a service appointment.

Are you experiencing recurrent or stubborn clogs in your home or business in Lee County, FL? A professional video camera inspection can help you determine the best and most cost-effective methods of repair. At Southwest Florida Drain Doctors, we have the capability to send an optical cable with a camera head on the end of it that streams live video to a colored monitor so we can see what is causing the problem. We can locate the camera head underground to find the exact location of the problem and record the images as we check the pipes before and after the project is complete.

We offer upfront pricing and are dedicated to delivering high quality service and exceptional customer service. For accurate Cape Coral, Fort Myers and all surrounding areas of Lee County and reliable video camera inspection in Florida, you can trust the team at Southwest Florida Drain Doctors.  Call us now at (239) 645-0857 to schedule an inspection.

We Are Trustworthy Drain and Sewer Cleaning Specialists

Here at Southwest Florida Drain Doctors, we believe that it is more comforting to our clients to see exactly what is going on inside their plumbing pipes. As trustworthy, professional plumbers, we believe that having an inspection camera helps to build trust and is cost effective for our clients. It also helps to keep out all the guessing games and keep the cost down from the hours it would normally take to track down the problem.

We are truthful, thoughtful and honest about our work and we use cutting-edge technology to ensure the best solution for your sewer and drain line problems. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that we will get the job done right the first time. We are a service oriented company and we never cut corners or take short cuts. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us now to schedule a service appointment. 

How Does a Video Camera Inspection Work?

The process of a video camera inspection is easy and straightforward. A camera is attached to the end of a thin wire cable, which is then inserted into your pipes slowly by our qualified technician. The camera head has a built-in transmitter that puts out a signal to a hand held locator in which we trace to see exactly where and how deep the problem lies. No more endless hours of digging dirt or bursting through concrete and trying to guess where the problem is, we will pinpoint its exact location, saving you thousands in labor cost.

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If you are looking for trustworthy video camera inspection services in Cape Coral FL, Fort Myers FL, and all surrounding areas of Lee County, call the pros at Southwest Florida Drain Doctors. Give us a call at (239) 645-0857 to schedule a service appointment today! 

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