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The vision of LightRay is to provide next-generation high technology to the CIPP industry using specially designed low voltage cold source LED UV pipe lights and higher strength pre-impregnated glass fiber pipe-liners, for the NO-DIG contracting industry involved in small diameter pipe infrastructure repairs. LightRay’s state-of-the-art Cast-in-Place-Pipe technology ushers the Trenchless industry into the twenty-first century, offering new opportunities for plumbers and municipal contractors by significantly reducing time and resources, lowering risks and costs with much faster and higher quality results compared to the older traditional thermal heat or ambient curing processes.

The new LightRay LR3 LED UV system is the most advanced cast in place UV pipe technology allowing the operator complete control of the curing process. Our patent-pending, state-of-the-art technology can significantly reduce your costs and risks when compared to traditional thermo-setting or ambient-cured CIPP liners, creating new opportunities for plumbers and municipal contractors.

The LR3 is both a pull-in-place and spot repair system giving you the flexibility to perform both operations by only changing the proprietary double-strand cold LED repair packer. The LightRay non-VOC resin is pre-impregnated into the high-performance fiberglass liner and shipped ready to install for no-dig small diameter pipe infrastructure repairs. Once the install site is prepped, casting times in under 10 minutes can be achieved eliminating the risk of premature or prolonged curing times due to temperature variations.


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