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Maintain a healthy atmosphere in your restaurant with grease system services from Southwest Florida Drain Doctors in Cape Coral Florida. Call us today at (239) 645-0857 to schedule an appointment with our expert technicians. 

Grease is notorious for building up in your lines before and after it hits the grease trap. Just like wax, it keeps building on itself and is 100 times harder once it turns into a solid mass. If you leave your grease system unattended, your sewer lines will become clogged and can even begin to  back up. It is not a pretty sight and most definitely not a pretty smell! Your business, staff and customers will most definitely be affected by this. Call the professional sewer and drain cleaning experts at Southwest Florida Drain Doctors for all your grease system needs. We will make sure that your grease system is functioning properly, so you can keep your kitchen functioning, and your income flowing.

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Unlike most standard plumbing companies, we don’t use electric snakes to clear grease. Electric snakes only punch a hole in the grease, alleviating it for only a short time only to clog again. The best way to clear grease clogs quickly and easily is through hydro jetting. At Southwest Florida Drain Doctors, we utilize hot water hydro jetters to completely flush out and clean the interior walls of the pipes in your grease system. Hot water helps to soften the grease, and our environmentally friendly degreaser cuts right through the nastiest grease build ups. Once cleaned, the interior walls of the pipe will be coated with our drain line conditioner, making it harder for the grease to build up and form onto the pipe walls. Maintaining the line is just as important, with our affordable automatic injector system line conditioner.

How often should I clean my grease trap/grease interceptor?

A grease trap or interceptor should be regularly maintained to meet the 25% Rule – no more than 25%, by volume, of the trap or interceptor should accumulate food and FOG. If more than 25% of food and FOG accumulate in the trap or interceptor, it is more likely to not be working properly and discharging food and FOG into your building sewer and the public sewer system. Exceptions to the 25% Rule are for devices that are designed to retain more than 25% FOG and will be specifically stated in the manufacturer’s specification.

Each establishment should work out a specific cleaning schedule that is right for their business. Some establishments will need to clean their trap or interceptor more often than others. It is important to remember that implementing kitchen best maintenance practices, such as scraping the food off your plates, pots, and pans into a trash can before washing, will reduce the amount of food and FOG that discharge into a trap or interceptor, therefore decreasing the frequency of cleaning.

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